hey, this is super not finished, but i wanted to take part in the jam anyway! however, please consider not playing it until after wednesday the 23rd when I'll have chance to update it.

current status: as finished as it's likely to get! Ran into the limits of free Construct 2 for the first time making this, so I guess it's officially my most complex game, and also officially not getting any more updates. this was a super fun jam and I learned A TON from it.

Made for Mini Jam 39: Monsters. Sound effects and music from zapsplat.com.


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Love the little Minotaur :D So cute :D And the ending was just great

thank you! :D

I am not so lucky with the level generation...


it's on my list of things to fix I promise

not bad

argh it's super not finished! it's just bits and pieces of the actual game awkwardly stuck together, lol. but thank you so much for being nice haha